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Below is a partial listing of my library.  I will add additional titles in the future. 

Dutch A Memoir of Ronald Reagan Edmund Morris Random House 1999

TR The Last Romantic H.W. Brands BasicBooks 1997

Turmoil and Triumph George P. Schultz Charles Scribner's Sons 1993

The Downing Street Years Margaret Thatcher Harper Collins 1993

Diplomacy Henry Kissinger Simon & Schuster 1994

Truman David McCullough Simon & Schuster 1992

The Future Belongs to Freedom Edward Shevardnadze The Free Press 1991

Castlereagh C.J. Bartlett Charles Scribner's Sons 1966

The Constitution of Liberty Friedrich A. Hayek The University of Chicago Press 1960

Kissinger A Biography Walter Isaacson Simon & Schuster 1992

The Best and The Brightest David Halberstam Penguin Books 1969

Memoirs 1925-1950 George F. Kennan Atlantic Monthly Press 1967

Speaking Frankly James F. Byrnes Harper & Brothers Publishers 1947

Bismarck A.J.P. Taylor Alfred A. Knopf, Inc. 1955

The Government of the United States: National, State, and Local William Bennett Munro The Macmillan Company 1932

The United States and Japan Edwin O. Reischauer Harvard University Press 1965

The Russian Revolution Alan Moorehead Time, Inc. 1958

At the Highest Levels Michael R. Beschloss, et al Little, Brown & Company 1993

The Power Game Hedrick Smith Ballantine Books 1988

History of England George Macaulay Trevelyan Longmans, Green & Co. 1926

Europe Since 1815 Rene Albrecht Carrie Harper & Brothers 1962

The Search for Modern China Janathan D. Spence W. W. Norton & Company 1990

The Engima of Japanese Power Karel van Wolferen Vintage Books 1990

The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich William L. Shirer Simon & Schuster 1960

Economic History of Europe Herbert Heaton Harper & Brothers 1936

The New Russians Hedrick Smith Random House 1990

Facing Up Peter G. Peterson Simon & Schuster 1993

The Reckoning David Halberstam William Morrow and Company, Inc. 1986

Reengineering the Corporation Michael Hammer, et al HarperBusiness 1993

Empire Express David Haward Bain Viking 1999

The Prize Daniel Yergin Simon & Schuster 1991

In Search of Excellence Thomas J. Peters, et al Harper & Row 1982

Rude Awakening Maryann Keller William Morrow and Company, Inc. 1989

Iacocca Lee Iacocca Bantam Books 1984

Lords of the Realm John Helyar Villard Books 1994

October 1964 David Halberstam Villard Books 1994

Men At Work George F. Will Macmillan Publishing Company 1990

The Winner Within Pat Riley G. P. Putman's Sons 1993

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