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At Christmas, circa 1966
Center, with friends from the neigborhood, at a Halloween party, late 1960s (A small piece of neighborhood trivia is that Thurman Munson lived in our neighborhood for a period of time.  He went on to play catcher for the New York Yankees in the 1970s.  Thurman's house was across the street from where this party took place.)
Newspaper photo of our championship team, 1975.  (No. 44).  An interesting side note is that I am now about an inch taller than Vlad, No. 45.
Picking up my trophy at the basketball awards ceremony in my stylish plaid pants, 1975.
Freshman year of high school before a cross country meet, cleaning my spikes, 1975
Freshman year of High School with Paul & Scott in the cafeteria, 1976
The house that I lived in until leaving for Georgia Tech in 1979. (Canton, OH)
Wintertime in my neighborhood in Canton, OH.
Family picnic with my mother, sisters Adrienne, Cheryl, and Leslie, and brother-in-law Rich, 1984 (just after my graduation from Georgia Tech)
At South Street Seaport, New York City, with friends Linda and Victor, circa 1985
At the World Trade Center with friends, 1985
With fellow Mobil employees Pat, Jeff and Guy after a Mobil softball game, mid-1980s
Part of Paul's (left, a fellow Mobil employee) wedding party, 1986
With Paul & Emily, after a Mobil softball game, mid-1980s.
Caught, while eating dinner at the reception, by a surprise photo opportunity
With Steve, the kid I mentored through the Big Brothers, Big Sister program, at a party to celebrate my Big Brother of the Year award, 1986.
Technical paper I co-authored while at Mobil Corp.  I presented the paper at a Society of Automotive Engineers meeting in 1986.
VIP blood donor card from the Red Cross.  I donated blood on a regular basis while working at Mobil Corp. in the mid-1980s.  My social security number and date of birth were removed for security purposes.
With Carnegie-Mellon friends Jill, Randy and Dave at a Pittsburgh Pirates game, 1987 or 1988
After a rigorous game of golf, with friend Chic's two sons, Joey and Michael, 1992
With niece Katie, 1993.

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