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The chronology below is meant to highlight some of the major events that have taken place over the years.  As I have relocated across the country the last 15 years, it sometimes hard for people to gain a sense of who I am and where I have been.  This chronology is designed to assist people in their search for factual answers to those questions.

1961Born Canton, Ohio
1973Won YMCA League Basketball Championship
1975Won Little League Basketball Championship. Team went 18-0, the first team to ever go undefeated.
1975Named Co-Captain of Worley Grade School Safety Patrol. Recognized for service with a complementary trip to Washington D.C.
1977Part of team participating in the Ohio State Cross Country Championship.
1977Took job at Butler's Ice Cream Parlor. First position was as a dish washer working nights and weekends
1978After two previous promotions, I am promoted to Asst. Manager of Butler's Restaurant.
1979Graduated from Canton McKinley High School. Member, National Honor Society.

1982While working at Ashland Oil's Canton, OH refinery, fought a refinery fire resulting from an explosion of a process heater.
1982Took a position as a tutor in Georgia Tech's S.T.E.P tutorial program, tutoring other students in math, chemistry, physics.
1983Promoted to co-head of S.T.E.P tutorial at Georgia Tech.
1984Graduated from Georgia Tech with a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering. I was accepted to Stanford University's graduate engineering program, but took a job with Mobil Research & Development Corporation in Paulsboro, NJ instead.
1984Volunteered as a mentor to a teenager in the Camden/Gloucester County, NJ Big Brother/Big Sisters program.
1985Joined the board of directors of the Camden/Gloucester County, NJ Big Brothers/Big Sisters organization.
1985Work at Mobil R&D Corp. involved Clean Air Act compliance, regular presentations to EPA officials regarding automotive emission technology, as well as presentations to State air quality officials in New York, New Jersey and elsewhere. Displayed prototype automotive emission control system at New York legislature in Albany, The World Trade Center, for N.J. state officials in Trenton, NJ, and for EPA officials in Ann Arbor, MI.
1986Named Big Brother of the Year by the Camden/Gloucester County, NJ Big Brothers/Big Sisters organization.
1986Received promotion in my position at Mobil Research & Development Corp.
1986Coauthored a paper published by the Society of Automotive Engineers. Presented the paper at a national meeting of the Society of Automotive Engineers in Philadelphia.
1987Left Mobil R & D Corp. to attend graduate school at Carnegie-Mellon University. Co-workers at Mobil R & D Corp. threw a going away party for me as well as presented me with several gifts which I still have.
1989Received my master's degree with distinction from Carnegie-Mellon University.
1990Joined the corporate finance department of Citibank, N.A. in New York City as an associate.
1991Promoted to Asst. Manager and Officer of Citibank, N.A.